Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Just do it.

What a global summer this has been, even by my standards …or those that have weirdly become my own. The global lifestyle has become a familiar companion, my new normal, that nevertheless won’t seizes to awe me – and frankly fill me with gratitude – as I reflect about it frequently. (How did this even happen?!)

I have been quiet – at least on Sorry to all my loyal readers, in case you have missed me.

Posting on this blog while so many things were happening in my life felt mutually important and impossible for a few reasons:

  • First and simply, I needed a rest.
    A true rest after having lived on full speed-power-striving-delivering mode for several years all around the globe. Adjusting to new environments, lifestyles, cultures and challenges constantly. A true break to fully rest and recover. With my master thesis handed in and a job contract in my pocket, this was the perfect time to disconnect and recharge.
  • Full attention to the moment.
    As I have realized the positive impacts yoga and meditation had on my life for the last couple of years, these practices have taught me some valuable lessons. One of which I have applied rigorously this summer: To experience my every day, my surroundings fully – without distractions. To put my full attention to this very moment and the purpose I have assigned to it – in this case: enjoy, recharge.

The last reason turned out to be a real challenge though (well in the scope of the relative importance of the ‘problem at hand’ which was luckily not exactly throwing my world out of order):

  • Too Much.
    Too much information. Too many expectations towards myself. Too many experiences to order them properly. Too many new impressions. Shouldn’t I be writing this article before starting the other? Shouldn’t I be writing down my memories while they were fresh? Stop. Refusing to process everything at high speed.

So I just took a breath and checked my priorities. Experience over expression. Feeling and recharging, over writing and sharing. The longer I waited, the harder it got to resume writing. But this blog is a great creative outlet and I love sharing my experiences with like-minded explorers and kind-hearted supporters. I finally decided to follow a Voltaire-inspired mantra I consider highly valuable and true in most contexts: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, don’t let perfection be in the way of action. (Or as Nike would put it: Just do it.)

So, I’m back. I’ll gladly share my experiences, pictures, stories, reflections –– taking the liberty to be a little behind and maybe in a less rigid order. What a great realization that I can teach myself valuable life lessons like this even at low stake, low risk decisions. I’m sure I’ll benefit from this thought process more often over the course of my life – and maybe you can, too?

Creativity and conscious imperfection in a fun project, what a nice experiment – and maybe I’ll even find myself recovering and recharging over this changed attitude a little more 😉


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