Traveller’s Life: No More Bunk Beds.

After a crazy week of traveling 4373km on the highest rail road on earth, taking a roadtrip through Tibet, visiting the Himalayas, sleeping in high altitudes of up to 5200m at Mount Everest Basecamp, crossing the land border between Tibet and Nepal, and surviving a crazy bumpy 8h ride to Kathmandu in an SUV on Nepali mud “roads” (with stunning views!) –– I would sure have a lot to write about.

But first things first: no more bunk beds. Ever. I’m done.

I don’t mind if my toilet really is a whole in the ground in a shack without doors. Not my preferred thing in the world but I’ll do it again any time. Plain rice as a meal? Fine. Bumpy roads, nerv wracking transfers? Ok. But no more bunk beds. Our accommodations on the Tibetan side of the Himalayas were mostly modest but perfectly fine hotels with traditional breakfast. My pre-booked place in Kathmandu is however a classical backpacker hostel. I know myself so I booked a private room with shared bathroom only. Pah.

When I walk into the room I see a bunk bed and nothing more. No place to put my things, unpack, move, even breath. The rooftop bar is super cozy and serves nice, cheap food – which still cannot really make up for late night screaming in the hallways, millennials seemingly on drugs hanging out smoking and drinking, and the shower that’s drizzling at best. I can do poor, rural, rudimentary. But I really can’t do pretentious hippie backpackers. I guess I’m just not a very good backpacker. Or maybe I am just second level anti-establishment. One or the other, I need to get out of here. Apparently I don’t need to be in a place where “I can make friends easily, which is important cause I’m solo traveling”… I guess I just really want to be SOLO traveling. Maybe I am getting old or I have just never been made for this. Either way I have decided: No more bunk beds.

I’ve learned my lesson. And booked a new hotel. I’m quite sure I won’t get a refund for the 6 nights in the hostel I have paid on arrival. Another lesson learned. But these extra bucks will be well invested, I’m sure.


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