Bye Shanghai: The slightly heart broken beginning of an epic journey (fingers crossed!)

In four hours I am leaving this beautiful mega city in China that I never thought I’d live in and even less believed could feel like home. What a year this has been! Frankly life in Shanghai and my Master studies here have brought a lot of stress and pain for the longest time – as anyone who’s met me this year knows (thanks for your support and sorry being a pain in the a** at times…).

Especially during the last weeks this place has really found its way into my heart though and I am leaving a little heart broken, hoping to return. And to see my wonderful friends again soon somewhere on this planet – classic Lucie. Here we go again.

Once more I have done it, said all my goodbyes and am ready to move on to a new place and start all over again. My sixth international move in three years… traveling excluded.

I am nervous and very excited for what’s to come next. In less then four hours I’m bording the Tibet train in Shanghai – starting my 46h long ride, 4373km through China in a train. With a max. altitude of 4500m. Yes, I’m nervous. Travel anxiety is still with me after all these trips. Always. But I am so glad I decided to go for it and now there’s nothing left but to hope that my health and credit card will work for me all the way to and through Tibet. Well and that I’ll find some instant noodle soup at the train station to take with me…

Shanghai, I’m leaving on a high note. You gave me so much and demanded so much of me – just to make me grow. Here we go again. Shanghai, it’s been real. Now off to new adventures!


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