TGIF!! What a week.

This week has without doubt been one of the most stressful of my life. Very exciting, but so so so stressful. If you know me in person, you know that my default setting is being busy. I commit, I overcommit and I am very invested in anything I commit to. And even though it sometimes gets a little stressful, I generally love it. I’d choose being busy over being bored any day. But this week was just something else…

Yesterday I finally submitted my Master thesis for pre-defense, which is technically the second pre-defense since we had to defend our proposal too – where 70% of my program failed. Yeah, I’m not too excited to get my work ripped apart on Tuesday, but at least I’m preparing myself this time. I hope that I won’t have to adapt it too much, since I will fly out to my Conference on Thursday. Which means that I might have to hand in the final version early, on Wednesday – still need to figure out whether I can access the system from the States… On top of that, everything here in China just takes so unjustifiably much more effort. It’s tiring. There are billions of papers that need to be submitted to different institutions in different buildings – many only available in Chinese and/or requiring lots of handwriting (not just forms, more like little essays). I’m running around (the huge!) campus all the time. It truly resembles the plot of a Kafka novel.

While going through this procedure and studying three new courses full-time would actually be way enough, I also decided to go to that Conference next week (really bad timing!), which means that I am currently working on a policy paper and funding application (many forms, many stamps, many offices – much tingbudong!) on top of everything.

Plus, I learned on Tuesday that my last (preparation-intensive) job interview of a whole bunch of interviews was scheduled for today, too… I wish they had asked me to report about a time when I was successfully multitasking – lol. It was really exciting though and took place in one of Shanghai’s (and the world’s actually) tallest buildings.

My throat started hurting badly the other day (a cold? pollution?) and I actually forgot eating. I guess I should really take it easier again asap. But well, sometimes going all-in through crazy times pays off, the awesome experiences make all efforts totally worth it.

All in all, I am beyond grateful for all these opportunities – but I can’t tell you how much in a TDIF mood I am today, this week really needed to be over :D. What a week. I’m collapsing in my bed now and wishing you a wonderful weekend by sharing this beautiful office view from the 60th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center:



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