Making life goals happen: Yale I’m coming for you. At least for a few days.

Remember the article where I talked about those moments when things work out, your dreams come true and you get completely and utterly overwhelmed? If not, you should go revisit it, it was one of the reader’s most favorite so far.

I recently had another one of these moments when I got invited to attend an academic Student Conference at Yale University in New Haven, CT (yay!). It’s not like I’m going to study there, but I nevertheless consider it a life goal come true. I have always had this fascination with Ivy League schools. Having grown up in Germany, with a completely different school system, we had nothing like Ivy League schools, but I always envisioned them as a place of accumulated intelligence, drivenness, innovation and creativity. I know I’m probably biased and these guys “also only cook with water”, as a German saying goes, but still… I’m a passionate learner and just couldn’t think of any more exciting places. When I first walked over Harvard’s Campus in Cambridge in 2016, I got goosebumps. I was super proud to get accepted into Fudan University, which is one of the best schools in China. Call me a geek, I’ll have it. I’ve learned not to be ashamed to be wanting to know more, achieve more and understand the complexity of the world – and it’s a very weird condition that we globally shame people for being driven if you ask me. Think about it. Anyhow.

I am beyond proud that I am going to use my own research and education to work towards solutions to tackle current political, economic and social challenges of the European Union with other talented young researchers and senior experts in their respective fields – at Yale University 😀 . And I like to think I earned it. This feels like the perfect final act to my Master studies, an accomplishment that proofs my efforts, hard work and life decisions right. I am right where I want to be and every step was worth it.

Making life goals happen and acknowledging our achievements is so valuable and healthy. Did you ever feel proud of an achievement you earned? Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it! Be bold, leave a comment and share it with us 🙂


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