Global Life: That escalated quickly.

Wow, it has been months since I last took the time to blog. Here’s a big sorry to all of my regular readers! Life has just been a bit too crazy and overwhelming – and actually continues to, but I wanted to give you at least a quick update on things. Side note: In case you missed me and want to keep in touch, following my Instagram is a good idea (see footer) as I share my daily stories on a quite regular basis.

So let me give you a quick run through:

In December I spent a wonderful long weekend in Beijing, which I will definitely take the time to blog about sometime, because it was just AMAZING.

Then my last lectures were spontaneously canceled, I got frustrated because it was two days before Christmas and I realized that I could have been with my family if only my professors had decided earlier.

8 hours later I sat in a plane headed to Doha and then on another one to Germany. Most spontaneous all around the globe trip ever. But I made it home to my family just in time for Christmas – so worth it ❤

I spend the next to months with my family, frankly enjoying my break from China very much and hustling through final course papers, my master thesis and job interview preparations. It was a very busy time, but likewise nice to calm things down at home, forget the global lifestyle and just breath.

It wouldn’t be me if things hadn’t picked up again and escalated pretty soon, haha. So I suddenly found myself on the way to a job interview in Dublin, Ireland some two weeks ago, where I spend a really nice weekend and fell in love with this surprisingly international town and the super lovely Irish people.

Next I had two days to wrap things up in Germany, fly to Denmark, use my 7h layover to visit a friend in Malmö, Sweden (fika, snow, Swedish design! I missed it so much ❤ ) and then head back to Shanghai where the new semester and new challenges awaited.

So after five countries in 6 days, I enjoy being back in one place for a while,  Shanghainese life and pretty warm spring days. I’m finalizing my thesis, getting an overview of my new courses, trying to pimp my poor Mandarin skills – and also preparing for an unexpected US east coast trip at the end of the month 😀 More soon, stay tuned! (edit: it’s up now – go check out my news)



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