In-between adventures. #Superhero-Edition.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle a thing. I get nothing done. I postpone. I procrastinate.

And sometimes I know that I can – that I have to – function like a superhero.

10 days.

That’s the amount of time I came home for to my parents’ place – between my Washington, Göteborg and Shanghai adventures. One would assume that moving to another country takes a lot of time. Well. Usually it does. And obviously I have – kind of – prepared for my China move for several months. Kind of. I’ve mostly been waiting for responses, collecting papers and writing to-do lists for what I need to do once I would be able to. Cause sometimes you can’t be overly and early prepared, even if you want to. Even if it’s your nature. Circumstances just won’t always let you.

As a reader of this blog you know that I tried to apply for a Chinese visum in the USA already, which turned out impossible because I already was on a visum. And you also know that housing didn’t turn out as expected.

So last Thursday aka 2 weeks before moving to China I had literally one thing crossed of my list: A one way flight ticket to Shanghai.

Well, and the admission to university which is obviously key.

Today, one week before moving to China, I can add foreign health insurance to the list which I picked up last week in Sweden. And also 9 vaccinations that I all got on Monday (yes, I was dead in bed all Tuesday). Finally today I was able to hand in my visa application again (this time in Germany). And I’m optimistic to get another 4 vaccinations, and my visa at the beginning of next week. Who needs their visa more then 48 hours before departure anyways… you got it. I’m dying inside.

Add to this list of things to do this week: a (successful, yay) dentist appointment, ordering Chinese money, seeing the ladies doctor and the hair dresser. Oh and family who I haven’t seen since Christmas and won’t maybe for another year – oh yeah and I got friends, too.

Let’s not talk about me not even having unpacked my bags from the USA yet and still having to wash and repack. Well after all, I’m just moving to China, right? 😉 With 23kg of luggage apparently…

So – I guess – sometimes we just need to be superheroes if we want to follow our dreams. Remember: Successful people are willing to do what others are not willing to do. And in the end usually everything works out. Usually. Well, let’s hope this time is usually.


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