The internet is a damn wonderful place.

There are those moments when you just freak out.

They’ll always be there. According to my experience you can count on them showing up, especially whenever you want to move to a different country, and particularly if it’s a move you need a visum for.

I recently had one of these moments when life just kept punching me in the face all week long and finally on Sunday, when I was trying to apply for a student room in a dorm on campus of Fudan University where I will be studying soon – the server broke down. Of course.

When I finally got to log in to the system all the spots were gone. No dorm room. No easy place to live. I never had considered this an option, just thought I would get one anyways…

My initial reaction? Screw it. I’m just not gonna go. No visum. No dorm room. Why bother?! I kinda hit rock bottom.

And then… I moved on.

Gave up on railing against everything and anything. And got over it. The good thing is the more often you practice it, the faster you learn to get over it. And what can I say folks – once more two very important life lessons proved themselves true:

  1. You don’t have to do it alone. You are never truly alone.
  2. The internet is a damn wonderful place.

In only hours the internet allowed me to gain a pretty good insight into the Shanghainese housing market. I read blogs, found groups with housing adds on Facebook, found other soon-to-be-Fudan-students on Facebook, connected with them, exchanged experiences. Got instant response from my social media network, a lot of good advice and offers to connect me with friends-of-friends who might be able to help out. It talked to Swedes, Frenchmen, Brits, Irishmen, Americans, an Italian, Chinese, a German – many of who I never met in real life. This is globalization. The good new times.

I ended up getting a very friendly offer to stay at a friend’s place for the first time, which allowed me to finally relax (now I can just search for housing when I get there, which seems to best way to go anyways).

It was amazing to see how when in need, there are many friendly faces out there who will try to help out – if you dare to ask for help and advice! Thank you, everybody. I hope this gives you an idea about how much your support means. It’s what kept me going. Because I don’t need to figure everything out by myself. Non of us does.

We are a globalized, a digital society. We often complain about the downsides of this. But for me one thing is so true: The internet is a damn wonderful place!


What are your positive experiences with globalization and/or digitalization? Please share your thoughts and leave a comment!



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  1. Positive experience with globalization = American girl meets German girl in Swedish program… builds friendship in a few weeks that will last a year-long absence 🙂


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