This is getting real. Well, hopefully.

China is moving closer and closer. It’s starting to become reality in my head. Scary. Better: Exciting. Did you know that from our physiological reactions it is difficult to distinguish these two feelings? The interpretation is up to us. Unless my life is threatened for real, I choose “excited”.

August is going to be a real crazy month for me: the 4 countries I will then have lived in so far in only 2 weeks. So many hellos, so many goodbyes. So many emotions. My internship in Washington DC is (sadly) coming to an end and I find myself more and more caught up in thoughts about all the things that still need to be done. All the people I still wanna see. All the things I am going to miss. What needs to be finalized here, what needs to be organized for China. All the things I want to and need to do during my 2 week layover in Europe (see friends and family, doctors appointments, ship stuff from one home to another?, get insurance papers, meet up with coordinators… and so many more). How I try to manage all of that would is worth another blog post.

Recently I got some things checked of my “Check List for China”:

  • Admission letter: received. Looks very official and has a lot of Chinese signs. I’m loving it.
  • Flight: is booked – yay!! However: If anyone has an idea about how I can book an additional second baggage with Air China, please leave a comment or shoot me a message! Right now it looks like I might be moving to China with 23kg :/
  • Health insurance: Only need to pick it up when I’m in Sweden.
  • Vaccinations: Ehhhhhm…. I’m on it. I promise 😉
  • Accommodation: Checked out and ready to apply when the portal is opened.

Well… but then there’s one last thing. Obviously the most important:

  • Visa… a nightmare. Turns out it’s not as easy to get a visum if you are already somewhere on a visum. And if it’s two special kinds of visa. Also I cannot heard myself trying to explain why a German citizen is sent to China by a Swedish university, but is trying to apply for a visum in the US, anymore. It’s called globalization. But bureaucracy definitely has its limits…
    This is the final hurdle. It’s gonna be last minute. Yes, not knowing if everything will work out is freaking me out. But well – if it was easy, anyone could do it.

Hold your fingers crossed, please 😉

And a special sorry to everyone who has to deal with my worries and hear my visa application stories over and over again. It’s part of the game. Thanks for being there. It means a lot.

Get excited! I am.


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