NYC – An exhibition on human kind.

I love, love, love the city.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably could not fail to notice that I just spent a long weekend in New York City – one of my happy places. You love it or you hate it. But I definitely belong into the first category.

This time more than ever before, I realized how much NYC is like one big piece of art – displaying a permanent exhibition on human kind. It’s beautiful.

Two years ago a friend of mine told me something I have been thinking about a lot ever since: How he loved living in big cities in China because you become a nobody. You just blend in with the masses of people. At the time I didn’t understand why he liked that idea. How could you want to not stand out, remain unnoticed?!

In NYC I got to understand what he might have meant by this. I had a similar but different notion last weekend: The sheer size of the city and the variety of people wandering around in it allow anyone to be whoever they desire to be. If you’re a business man or woman in a suit, a punk with a poodle or a grandma in a purple tutu. Nobody is going to give you a second look. You will be widely unnoticed. New York can be your stage – or your means to disappear. I feel like this is a very special kind of freedom. A promise almost. An invitation to explore who you want to be if there are no limits.

As I have been travelling to NYC quite frequently over the last couple of years, I have gained the luxery of not feeling the pressure to do something. Something in NY-terms meaning everything. When people travel to cities like New York, they feel like they need to see every site, museum and bar there is. And so did I. Now that I checked all the things I wanted to see off my list, I just love strolling around the city, exploring new neighbourhoods, coming back for my favorite cafés and reading on a bench in Central Park. I’m blessed to have great friends living in the city, too, who don’t only let me crash on their couch over and over again but also fill me with energy and positive vibes, whenever I come back. They make NYC my happy place and inspire me to follow my path of becoming the person I want to be ❤

Besides spending as much time with them as I could, this trip brought me to town in my function as an intern with the German embassy in DC as we were visiting our collegues in the Permanent Representation to the United Nations. What can I say. It was majestic. The feeling of walking into the UN-buildings, joining the General Assembly for a high-level meeting on international crime, seeing where the Security Council meets and finally (of course I had to do it!) taking a picture standing on the speakers desk in the giant General Assembly hall. It was a humbling experience and hopefully a glance into what the future might hold.

I come back inspired, motivated and dreaming. Thank you NYC – I’ll be back. You know I will.


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