Being yourself is a tough one.

Moving a lot and finding myself in different social settings with new people all the time, I feel like being true to myself is both more necessary and also more challenging then ever before. Especially because I change and evolve as a person and have to be in constant reflection and dialog with myself to find out who I am and who I want to be.

Maybe this is just me. But I think whenever you enter a new situation you’re trying to figure out your position in the new social structure. Who are the people that will accept you for who you are? Who will be able to inspire you? Who would you be excited to get to know more closely?

I’ve learned that trusting my intuition is mostly a good idea with these kinds of questions. But sometimes, more often then I like, I happen to let myself be blinded – with High-School-Me having a comeback trying to be one of the Cool-Kids. Whenever I find myself stuck in that trap again, I tend to get really angry at myself – “Seriously, Lucie, again?”. What can I say. I guess it’s just part of the game and someday I’ll know.

What is really important though, is to get to know your true self. And to find the strength and confidence to stand up for that self in any situation. If you ask me, that’s damn hard. And the most exciting part of the journey.

The good thing about moving a lot is that you get to reinvent yourself over and over again. It can also be easier to expose yourself, truly be yourself. Because who cares if people don’t like you. Then they won’t know you for very long. What you might call a downside is that you really have to know your inner core well and cannot be afraid to put it out there or you will end up alone or with people that don’t bring out the very best version of yourself that you could be.

My housemate asked me once, which quality I treasure the most in people. She said I was not allowed to think about it, but just state whatever came to mind first. I said: Authenticity. And I am still very happy with that answer. I feel like I can get along with many different types of people. Even if they are very different from me. I might like them better if we share similar world views and some core values. But I respect them as long as they are authentic. Confident in who they are. Or at least curious to try and find out. So I’m striving for authenticity too. And even if I often feel vulnerable or exposed, I get rewarded and am surprised by positive feedback more often then I get disappointed.

Meeting new people can be a challenge or a blessing. That’s up to you to decide… And so is getting to know yourself. At home or abroad.



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