Wow. Thank you.

You guys are incredible.

Only launched in February and honestly not published on as regularly as I would want to, My Global Life now has readers all over the world. It is read on every single continent, in 33 countries in total – In Germany, Sweden, the USA, the UK, Belgium, Finnland, France, the Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Australia, Canada, Greece, Latvia, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Ireland, Spain, Austria, India, Hungary, South Africa, Norway, Mexico, Thailand, Denmark, Venezuela, Sourth Korea, Iceland, New Zealand, Turkey, China and Switzerland. Edit: Since I published this post last night Colombia joined – 34 countries… (Edit, 10.09.2017: 45 countries, Baby!)

I am so incredibly impressed and grateful for your support that I wanted to share this little chart with you.

Thanks for being a part of My Global Life ❤

My Global Life is read on every continent, in 33 countries!

Thank you for your feedback, your comments, your likes, your friendly words. I love to hear from old friends and connect to new.

Lets’s also get in touch on twitter and Instagram and follow My Global Life via WordPress or E-Mail to never miss a posting.


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