Inside the DC bubble.

Wow. My first three weeks here have gone so fast. And they were so busy there was no time for blogging – or even answering mails. Especially with German federal minister of finance Wolfgang Schäuble’s last week’s visit concerning the G20 finance minister meeting and the IMF/world bank spring meetings.

But let’s start over.

I love DC. When I first arrived here I was surprised how beautiful, green and charming the city is. I expected a huge American city with skyscrapers, honking cars and rushing people in suits. But when I got here we drove by little forests and gardens, and I ended up in this beautiful, residencial neighbourhood with cute row houses surrounded by nature. Of course there are busy people and honking taxis, too. Mostly downtown. But no building may be higher than the Capitol here and the city is pretty spread out, and therefore really charming.

Living with two Americans and a girl from Bolivia, I get to spend my stay here in my prefered international setting. Plus in DC you meet so many new people every single day! From day 1 I had so many social events to choose from that I had to cancel on more than half of the invitations I got. It’s a vibrant city with tons of interns and young professionals from all over the world, many in the field of politics.

Working and living here in DC also means keeping your finger on the pulse of US politics. When I walk by the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln memorial, the Washington monument and visit the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress or the International Monetary Fund ( – busy 3 weeks 😉 – ) I still get overwhelmed by a feeling of unreality.

Being surrounded by Journalists working for prestigious media, diplomats, young professionals in my field, representatives of national and international institutions in this center of world poitics is basically heaven on earth to me. A place to stay open and curious, and to get inspired.

More from DC (including some pictures) will follow soon. Stay posted – sign up to follow this blog 🙂



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