One of a kind: The Swedish Housing Market.

Get in line. Now.

That’s the best advice I know if you’re thinking about ever moving to Göteborg.

There are several websites you can address when searching for a place to stay in Göteborg (see below). If you don’t want to sublet a room or share an appartment there is only one way (as far as I know): Get in line.

Who gets to rent an apartment in Göteborg is decided quite fairly – and in a very Swedish way. Who queues the longest gets the place. Makes sense, right? Yes. Except if you are a foreigner and you did not consider signing up on a website about 5 years (and yes that really is a realistic time in queue, even better if you have 7-10 years) before you first thought about moving to Sweden. As a foreigner subletting or sharing a flat are your best choice.

I found my room via boplats (membership fee 100kr ~ 10€/US$ per year). But I contacted 50-100 ads that got me one Skype interview (and the best flatmate and room I could have asked for). So advice number two: Keep going, don’t give up. Someday somebody will answer. Check the pages every day. Take your chance. And first and foremost: Get in line 😉

Helpful addresses in Göteborg:


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