The Global Life: So that happend.

Sometimes friends tell me it’s difficult to keep track of where I’m currently living and what I’m up to next. Might be true. Especially if we are not constantly in touch.

I might have a more mobile life than most of the people I know. I travel. But mostly I enjoy moving to different places. It’s about having an every day life in another country or city rather than about sightseeing and beaches. Don’t get me wrong. I love the beaches too. I’m not the typical backpacker or digital nomade – and I don’t actually think I ever will be. But I really enjoy keeping an open mind and letting life take me wherever.

Well. That’s not quite right actually. Because life doesn’t take you anywhere by itself. I thought it would and waited for it, but it just didn’t happen. Watching friends do internships, studying, working and travelling all over the globe, I kept wondering: How do they do that?!

It’s as simple as complicated: Just do it. Guess what: You won’t get an internship in India, if you never apply for it. You won’t go backpacking in South America if you never book that flight.

And it’s not about the budget. It really isn’t. You can always make it happen. Trust me. Everytime I think I can’t do it. Everytime I think I’ll have to ask my parents for support. Not until now did I really need that support – although it made life easier and more pleasant in some cases. There’s always a way you can do it yourself – if you don’t mind doing it low budget. I mostly try to compromise – who likes living on a tight budget all the time 😉 but in general I stick to it and it works.

Wow, that went a little of track. What I was gonna tell you in this blog post is that this year is gonna be really exciting for me. And I like to believe I’ve earned it. I also know I’m paying a price for it that not everybody might be willing to pay: Whenever it’s perfect – I’m leaving. If you think that’s not a big price – think again 😉 But that’s a choice you have to make and I decided my 20s are the right and only age to do it. So far I can say it’s been the right choice.

I moved back to Sweden in August 2016 to become a Master of Science in European Studies at Gothenburg University – which I really enjoy. I planned to stay for at least 2 years. Finish my Masters here, possibly find a job and stay. I love Sweden. And especially Göteborg. I made myself at home and think I might want to spend a good amount of my lifetime here if my job allows. But who knows. Plans are changing. At least mine are – constantly. And so I found myself applying for an internship abroad. The kind you are sure you’ll never get. But what can I say…

I also applied for a double degree programme my university offers in cooperation with Fudan university in Shanghai, China. Remember – I thought I’d never get the internship anyways. While I was still waiting for the results for Fudan, I was offered the internship in Washington DC and learned that apparently I could not apply for Shanghai anymore as it would be impossible to do both the internship and the double degree. After my disappointment over this had almost faded, the university decided to change the rules of the game. Probably because most of the applicants already had internships they wanted to do. In my case I had told them I would decide in favour of the internship. Remember – it’s one of those you think you’d never get. So after some most nerve-racking weeks, full of countless ups and downs that really stressed me out – mentally and physically – I received a mail that I was picked to go to Shanghai.

Sometimes things just work out. Even if you don’t think they are. Which is why I will be moving to Washington DC in less than six weeks from now and then to Shanghai in late August or early September. No, I know this was not the plan. But I guess sometimes it’s just about being flexible enough to adjust. And bold enough to go for the chances you don’t believe you’ll be granted. Well, and tough enough to take all the setbacks that come along the way. They are there. Always. Trust me. It’s just not the things that people tell you when they tell you their story. But according to my experience things never go smoothly. You’ll always have to deal with some less friendly people, regulations that seem to make everything impossible, insecurities and doubts – your own and others’. But for me it’s always been worth it in the end – and if it was easy, everybody could do it, right?

So that’s what happend.


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